Master Classes:- helping you change your life for the better.

All of our Master Classes are designed to help you to successfully
achieve what you want from life.

  • Personal Development

  • Start a new career

  • Spiritual Development

  • Learn additional skills 

  • Help friends and family

We are here to help you. All of our workshops offer everyone a warm and nurturing environment, and we are proud of the family of students we are building. Many of our students return again and again. They have built up a close network of friends through our Master Classes and we look forward to welcoming you too.

All of our classes have been trance-channelled by Jill Harrison. Each particular class has been trance-channelled to Jill by Archangels, Ascended Masters or Higher Dimensional Life Beings, and if you are open to exploring beyond our third-dimensional physical reality, you will find our range of Master Classes uplifting,
informative, enlightening and life-changing.

Psychic Development

Each one of us is intuitive, but very few people actually see a dramatic change in their ability to connect with spirit. All of our psychic development classes are specially trance-channelled, to enable you to tap into the universal life-force energy; for guidance, comfort and healing. Many of the Master Classes come with specific trance channelled guided meditations, which are available for you to take home, so you can continue to develop what you learn on the classes.


As more and more people are turning away from prescribed drugs, which only ease dis-ease and not tackle the root cause, the desire to understand and learn about self-healing and organic, holistic, healthy alternatives, is increasing. Our Master Classes have helped some of our students experience phenomenal results with their own health issues, and they often use what has been learnt to supplement their therapies. As well as spiritual healing, many of our students now embrace higher dimensional vibrational therapies, from the Lemurians, Pleiadians and Sirians. A wonderful range of crystals, therapy oils formulated by Archangel Raphael, and essential oil sprays, formulated by different Archangels, are available to assist you with your healing abilities.

Life Skills

As well as spiritual development, psychic development and spiritual healing, we believe it is important to understand the power of the mind. We approach all of our classes with the need for positivism. If you need help unlearning negative thought patterns and critical self-judgements, you will find our new range of personal development life-skill classes just what you need, to enable you to ‘be the change’ you want to be in the world, and live your dreams.

Why choose us?

Our tutors each have their own special niche.

Jill Harrison is a Spiritual Avatara; a woman chosen by the Godhead to deliver messages from the Divine for the benefit of mankind. This means the information and teachings you get are from Divine source, and not gleaned from books, or other peoples methods.

Glenn Harrison is one of the UK’s top motivational training experts, with specific expertise in emotional intelligence, behavioural analysis, body language, self-esteem and communication skills.

All of our courses are designed to help you take control of your mind, body and spiritual development, so that you can become exactly what you want to be. So this just leaves us with one question...When can you start?

Begin your journey today by taking one of our Master Classes, you won’t be disappointed, but then again, don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to visit our testimonial page for our customers comments
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